Volunteer Newsletter


Regular Programming this week.

Just a few Housekeeping reminders:

  • We have had several Jr High Groups letting out early - please keep your students in the assigned area OR stay with them outside. They are your responsibility until Pick Up

  • Several HS Groups are letting out late and allowing students to exit the back stair case. HS students MUST exit the staircase at Exit A. This ensures that every HS is checked in.

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Coastal Leader Training is Sunday, April 28th.

If you are planning on joining us at Coastal this Summer, this meeting is for you! We will send a link to a video training.

Schedule for the Rest of the semester:

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect for the rest of the semester for FC Students. Please know that these items are subject to change - but hopefully not! :)

April 17th // Regular Programming - Love Lies (New Series on Dating)

April 20th // Egg Drop (William Blount HS Football Field / 11-2pm)

April 20th-21st // Easter Services

April 24th // Regular Programming - Love Lies Week 2

April 28th // Coastal Leader Training (This will be a link sent online)

May 1st // Regular Programming - Love Lies Week 3

May 8th // Blackout Island Party and last FCS of the year (COASTAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE)

May 22nd // Mandatory SGL and Parent Coastal Meeting (6pm)

May 27th - 31st // COASTAL


Small Group Questions

All Small Group Material is uploaded via PDF and available for you!

Please read before Wednesday Night. Click on the corresponding link below.

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