Volunteer Newsletter


Regular Programming tonight!

Tonight is the last FC Students until January 9th!

Next week we are providing you the opportunity to learn our discipleship process, 7 Patterns, so that you are able to intentionally disciple students.

7 Patterns Training is 6-7:30pm on December 19th.


on SUNDAY, JANUARY 6th from 5:00pm-8:00pm

Check In/VIP:  

VIP will be outside tonight. Please make sure the form is 100% filled out before the student goes into the service.

NO FOOD OR DRINK after CHECK IN. If you see students trying to bring it in, kindly ask them to throw it away before enter.

You guys are doing amazing! Thank you so much for all you do each week

SGLs Info:

We are providing a training NEXT Wednesday for anyone who would like to be trained on 7 Patterns. This training will help you to intentionally disciple students.


Small Group Questions


Scripture: Luke 19:1–10


  1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘attend’?

  2. What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘engage’?

  3. Are you simply attending church or are you engaging the process?

  4. How is God calling you to move from attending to engaging? How does God want you to engage in what Jesus does?

  5. What barriers are keeping you from engaging? 

  6. What is your next step in engaging the process? — Commit to a small group? Attend FC on Sundays? Serve in another ministry? Completing Basecamp (High School)?

  7. How can we help more people to engage? How can we encourage our peers to get involved in small group, start serving, or attend FC on Sundays?

Goal of Small Groups:

The goal of small group this week is to join in a conversation with your few about multiplication and discuss what it looks like to engage in God’s mission. Ultimately, we want the students to understand their role of multiplication in relation to the Great Commission and how being a core student helps them to fulfill this role.

Think about this...

Multiplication is woven into the fabric of creation. We were literally created for multiplication. But we are also called to multiply, meaning that we are commanded by God to multiply disciples. To do this, we must ENGAGE. The moment we surrender to Christ we are called to engage the process and be actively involved in multiplication. The implication here is that even a 6th grader, assuming he or she is a Christian, is called to go and make disciples through multiplication. This small group is all about helping your few see this reality and become participants in the Great Commission by becoming a core student.

Do this...

Challenge: Engage the process. Become a core student. Commit to being discipled. In short, GO AND MULTIPLY.