Coastal SGL Training 

Why? - Why Are We Going To Camp

We want students to spend a week on themselves, so that can spend a lifetime on others.  - We have had a lot of students leaders this year in our student ministry, but next year many of these students are graduating. Therefore throughout this week, our goal should be to identify those whom God wants to raise up as leaders and pour our lives into them. Leadership doesn't happen without discipleship, so prepare to pour everything you have into them.  

How? - How We Are Accomplishing This Goal 

Lead Small Principle #1 - Be Present

You have 104 hours with your students this week. On average you have 68 hours per a school year to spend with your students. You "being present" can do more this week for a student spiritually than the entire school year. Here are some ways you can practically do this at Coastal:  

- Always Go With Students (especially MS leaders)

- Get Out In The Ocean 

- Sit With Your Student In Service

- Take Notes During Messages

Lead Small Principle #2 - Create A Safe Environment 

A student will not open up if they do not feel safe enough to share freely. Therefore, you making it a priority to guard the safety of group and the personality dynamics is key. Here are some ways you can practically do this at Coastal: 

- Address Drama Head On With All Parties Present 

- Never Act Surprised 

- Always Ask Pointed Follow Up Questions 

- Ask For Help When You Need It (with a staff member)

Lead Small Principle #3 - Partner With Parents

Your influence will be exponential if you what is being said at Coastal is being reinforced at home when they get back. Therefore, partnering with parents is essential in making your week count for the rest of the summer. Here are some ways you can practically do this:

- Meet Your Parents Tonight

- Send A Follow Up Email After Camp

- Champion Parents In Your Group 

- Talk About Home Dynamics With Each Student

Lead Small Principle #4 - Make It Personal 

This week will be life changing for our students, and the more personal you make the experience, the more impactful it will be. Here are some ways you can practically do this:

- Be Available During Bus Time 

- Share Appropriate Personal Stories About Your Spiritual Walk 

- Have A One on One Conversations With Each Student In Your Group 

- Take Time To Pray Together Before Services 

Lead Small Principle #5 - Move Them Out

The hardest week spiritually for a student is the week they get back. So we need to prepare them for the spiritual battles that happen in the summer. Here are some ways you can practically do this:

- Encourage Them To Get Involved This Summer

- Plan To Do Stuff Together This Summer 

- Talk About New Routines When They Get Home 

- Keep Your Group Text Active This Summer 


Monday - May 28

- 3:00AM - Leaders Arrive

- 3:30-4:00AM - Check In @ Foothills Church       

- 4:30AM - Leave Foothills Church

- 7:00AM - Breakfast 

- 12:00PM - Lunch

- 2:30PM - Arrive at Crowne Reef Beach Resort 

- 3:00PM - Rules Meeting (you will receive room keys here)

- 3:30PM - Check Into Rooms

- 3:30 - 6:00PM - Free Time on Beach / Pool / Waterpark

- 6:00 - 7:00PM - Dinner  

- 7:15PM - Session 1

- 9:30PM - Small Groups

- 12:00PM - Lights Out


Tuesday - Thursday - May 28-31

- 7:00AM  - Devotions on the Beach

- 8:00AM -  Breakfast in Rooms

- 9:00AM - Morning Session

- 10:30AM - Tribe Wars

- 12:00PM - Lunch

-  1:00-2:30PM - Free Time

-  2:30PM - Tournaments

-  6:00PM - Dinner

-  7:15PM - Night Session

-  9:30PM - Small Group

-   12:00PM - Lights Out

Friday - June 1

- 3:00AM - Wake Up Call

- 4:00AM - Leave Myrtle Beach for Foothills Church

- 7:00AM - Breakfast

- 12:00PM - Lunch

- 2:00PM - Arrive At FC (will update as we get closer)


General Rules

- Honor your pastors, leaders, and others around you like Christ would. 

- Phone should stay inside your bag once we get to the resort. 

- Follow all dress code rules. 

- 6th-8th grade students must have a leader with them at all times. 

- 9th-12th grade students must have at least 3 people with them at all time. 

- Do not leave the hotel property for any reason. 

- No public displays of affection (hand holding, pop kissing, excessive hugging, etc).

- Don't die. 

On The Bus

- Guys sit with guys, girls sit with girls (ie. no purpling). 

- Bathrooms are for emergencies only. 

- Phones are allowed on the bus.

- No drinks on the bus unless it has a closable lid. 

- Pick up all trash and spills before you leave the bus. 

- No singing High School Musical songs. 

At The Beach / Pool

- Never go to the beach without an adult leader. 

- Obey all regular pools rules.  

- Modest bathing suits only (tankinis or one pieces for girls). 

- Stay within set boundaries. 

- Please don't die. 

In The Rooms 

- Be courteous of the other rooms around you. 

- All TV's are to stay off (unless otherwise given permission by your leader).

- No student should be in the rooms without a leader. 

- No throwing things off the balcony. 

- No one should be in the rooms during free-time. 

- Never should anyone of the opposite sex step foot inside your room.

- Take showers middle school boys. 

After Lights Out 

- Get sleep. 

- Keep TV's off. 

- Stay In Your Room (or be sent home) 

- For real, don't die.