Volunteer Newsletter


Vol Rally Starts at 6:20pm THIS Wednesday!

Regular Programming tomorrow night - Small Groups meet at their normal times in their normal areas.

Check In/VIP:  


Seriously. You all knocked it out. Thank you for helping make last week such a success by getting everyone in and through the check in line quickly and efficiently.

If you can be here a little bit earlier and begin the check in process at 6:15, that would be great! Check In with Rachel or Sallie before starting.

Here are a few details about the process for Check In tomorrow night:

VIP will be inside the lobby area of check in (no more tent!) We will have a table set aside for them to fill out our new Connect Card. This card MUST be filled out completely - front and back before a student will be allowed in to the building. If they refuse to fill out all the spaces, they will not be allowed to stay for programming. Please make sure the handwriting in legible.

Their friend who brings them will also be allowed to check in at the VIP table and by-pass the check in line. Both will receive wristbands at the VIP check in table and can then go to the waiting area before service.

We are back to 2 services this week, so 2 different check in areas.

SGLs Info:

ALL SGLS needs to be here at 6:20pm for Vol Rally.

Small Groups are meeting at normal times and areas. Small Group guides are up and ready to view. Please make sure you are taking time before tomorrow night.

Be ready to have tough conversations with your students during this series. We are diving into the hearts of anxiety. If your student mentions anything about self harm, abuse, thought of suicide, etc PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE THE BUILDING WITHOUT TALKING TO PASTOR ALEX OR SALLIE.


All you need to know about the MS / HS Split starting January 9th!

Let’s start with details about Middle School (6th-8th Grade Students):

Arrival: Nothing Changes. You will still drop your student off at the same location you always have at the same time (Check in starts at 6:25pm). MS students will check in the same way, enter the same doors and have the same service times in the same area. 

Service: Middle School Students will meet in the same location (Theater of the West building) that they always have! Service times will be: 6:45pm - 7:30pm

Small Groups: Middle School students meet in the same locations, with the same small group leaders and will dismiss the exact same way! Pick up is in the same location at the same time (8:30pm)

Basically, if you have a 6th-8th Grade student, nothing changes for them!

Here’s a breakdown of the Times and Schedule for Middle School:

Check In // 6:25pm

Service Starts // 6:45pm

Small Groups // 7:30 - 8:30pm

Pick Up // 8:30pm

Screenshot 2019-01-07 14.52.06.png


Register for Coastal May 27th-31st. It’s only $100 for you guys to go!


Small Group Questions

All Small Group Material is uploaded via PDF and available for you!

Please read before Wednesday Night. Click on the corresponding link below.