Weekly Parent Briefing

Sept 17, 2018


We will be on regular programming this Wednesday. This means Jr. High groups will meet after the service and High School groups will be back in host homes during the week.

6:25 // Check In 

6:40 // Doors Open and Service Begins

7:45 // Jr. High Small Groups Meet (HS is dismissed at this time)

8:30 // Pick Up



Info For This Week: 

*****We have created a space for pick up for parents in the back parking lot of the west building. This helps us maintain a constant traffic flow and to avoid potential back ups onto 321 Hwy. Please park when picking up your student instead of waiting in a "pick up line". 

Screenshot 2018-09-10 15.37.33.png

New Series:

Best Life 👍 

What Is This Series About?

One thing we all have in common is that we all want to live our best lives. In order to live our best life we fill it with so many. Many of those are good things. But what if you were never made to live your best life on this side of heaven. What if your best life is your next life? If that is true, then it completely changes how we live. And that is a very good thing 

Watch This Weeks Sermon: