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An event to help small group leaders and parents of students connect.


If you are a parent, join us....

Can you believe school is almost back in session? Summer is almost over and which means that Wednesday nights at FC Students are back in session too. But before we start back, we have created a night just for you, the parent. Join us next Wednesday, July 25 at 7:00PM for our first ever parent Open House. 

By attending parent open house you will...

- Connect with your student's small group leader. 

- Pre-register your student for Wednesday night. 

- Be practically trained on how to be a parent. 

- Be the first to get the dates for Coastal 2019 and other info. 

- Be entered to win free stuff like a free spots to Coastal. 


The bottomline is, you should be there! Register today, and let's start this school year right. Because we can do more together.