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We are so excited you are wanting to volunteer in student ministry. Our goal is to make sure this ministry is the right fit for you, so please let us know if at any point you would like to withdraw from this process. If everything goes as planned, this process should take about three weeks. Please know that the quicker you complete each step, the quicker you will be considered to serve. 


Step 1 - Complete Family Ministry Application / Background Check

In order to begin serve the first step is completing the Family Ministry Application and background check. You must complete this before you can attend your First Look on a Wednesday night. Our recommendation is that you complete these immediately after your vision meeting. 

Step 2 - Schedule Your First Look

First Look is a night where you can come in and observe what it is like on a Wednesday night. You will meet your potential coach and they will guide you through the evening. Once again, if you will fill this out immediately, the process to begin serving will move quicker. 

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First Wednesday Available

Step 3 - Complete Basics Level 1 (SGL's Only)

Basics is our online training for student ministry. In order to become a volunteer you must first complete the Basics Training. We will teach you how to "lead small." This training will take you roughly 30-45 minutes.