The best week of the year.

We excited to announce that for the first year ever, we will be doing our very own Coastal Camp. Join us May 28-June 1 in Myrtle Beach, SC for the best week of the summer. If you have never been to Coastal, you will soon find out why this is such an amazing event. Each day will be action packed with plenty of free time to hang out at the beach with friends! The best part, each students will encounter Jesus in a fresh and exciting way.



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Frequently Asked Questions


When Is Coastal?

Coastal is May 28-June 1. We will leave around 4:00AM on May 28 and arrive by 5:00PM on June 1.

Where Is Coastal?

This year's event will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC at The Crowne Reef Resort and Waterpark.

How Much Is Coastal?

The price for camp will vary depending on the time that you register. The registration fee will cover all transportation, lodging, food, and the camp fees. Here is a breakdown of the pricing: 

  • The First 100 Spots - $325 (SOLD OUT)
  • The Second 50 Spots - $375
  • The Third 25 Spots - $400

A non-refundable deposit of $150 will lock in your price.

No! You can lock in your price for a deposit of $150 and use our payment plan. Here is a breakdown of our payment plan:

  • $150 - Due At Registration 
  • $100 - Due April 1 
  • Final Payment - Due By May 9

NOTE: Once you register, you are responsible to pay for the entirety of the balance. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or allow any cancellations this year. You may transfer your spot to someone else with the approval of Foothills Church.

Do I Have To Pay It All At Once?

We will be taking a host of our small groups leaders and staff. Your students will have a 1-2 small group leaders who are in charge of leading your students.

Who Will Be Chaperoning?

Please feel free to email us at

I Have A Question That Wasn't Answered?

Coastal Parent Information


We are so excited that your student has committed to going to Coastal. We are believing that this summer will be the best summer for your student’s spiritual growth. We wanted to provide you with a little more detailed information on camp so that you can be prepared. If there are any questions that have been left unanswered please email us at


5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Student Get The Most From Coastal

1 - Pray For Your Student - Commit that everyday from now till Coastal is over that you will pray for your student. Pray that they would fall in love with their Bibles, pray that they would find new friendships, and pray that they would begin to kill sin in their lives.  

2 - Pray With Your Student - We know it can be weird, but pray with your student. Sunday night before camp make it a point to take a couple of minutes to talk about camp and pray together. 

3 - Let Your Student Retreat - We want to limit all distractions at camp. While your student is at camp, please do your best not to call or text them. If something happens, we will contact you first! 

4 - Meet Your Student’s Leader - Every student has a small group leader. Before you leave tonight make sure you meet him or her, get their number, and begin praying for them as they lead your student. 

5 - Encourage A New Routine - Often students experience a spiritual "high" from camp only to come back to a spiritual low at home. 


Schedule :

Monday - May 28

- 3:30-4:00AM - Check In @ Foothills Church       

- 4:30AM - Leave Foothills Church

- 7:00AM - Breakfast 

- 12:00PM - Lunch

- 2:30PM - Arrive at Crowne Reef Beach Resort 

- 3:00PM - Rules Meeting 

- 3:30PM - Check Into Rooms 

- 3:30 - 6:00PM - Free Time on Beach / Pool / Waterpark

- 6:00 - 7:00PM - Dinner  

- 7:15PM - Session 1

- 9:30PM - Small Groups

- 12:00PM - Lights Out


Tuesday - Thursday - May 28-31

- 7:00AM  - Devotions on the Beach

- 8:00AM -  Breakfast in Rooms

- 9:00AM - Morning Session

- 10:30AM - Tribe Wars

- 12:00PM - Lunch

-  1:00-2:30PM - Free Time

-  2:30PM - Tournaments

-  6:00PM - Dinner

-  7:15PM - Night Session

-  9:30PM - Small Group

-   12:00PM - Lights Out


Friday - June 1

- 3:00AM - Wake Up Call

- 4:00AM - Leave Myrtle Beach for Foothills Church

- 7:00AM - Breakfast

- 12:00PM - Lunch

- 2:00PM - Arrive At FC (will update as we get closer)


Packing List :

What To Bring: 

- Money For 4 Meals On The Road 

- Bible, Pen, and Notebook

- Beach Attire For 5 Days

- Casual Clothing For 5 Days

- Personal Hygiene Items 

- Spending Money for Snacks

- Beach Towels and Swimwear (Girls, modest one pieces only)

- Sunscreen

- Tribe Colors

- Water Bottle


What NOT To Bring: 

- Immodest Clothing (guys and girls)

- Bikinis, Speedos, Immodest One Piece Suits

-  Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, or Fireworks

- Clothing with Questionable Sayings

- Skateboards, Longboards, Etc. 

- Gaming Systems 

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency at home, the best way to reach us is by email. We will be constantly checking and will respond immediately. If you have an emergency please write Summer Camp Emergency in the title of the email. Here is our contact information: / 865-951-8442

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What does my student need money for?

4 Travel Meals - We will stop twice on the way to Myrtle Beach and twice on the way home. Students will need to bring money to pay for these meals. We recommend  $10 per meal. 

Vending Machines/Gift Shop - There are vending machines, a gift shop, and a concession stand available at the Crowne Reef for your student if he or she would like.

What About Medicine?

We will not administer any sort of pain reliever medicine unless you have specifically approved us to do so in advance. As for medicine that is taken regularly, your student will be in charge of taking that medication while gone. We will not administer any type of medication unless we have arranged to do so prior. You can request assistance for this by emailing