How I Have My "Quiet Time" With God

Are you struggling to spend time with Jesus each morning? Are wondering how even to have a "quiet time?"

One thing that we say all the time is "you will never grow if your Bible is closed." It doesn't matter if you are a student, a small group leader, or a pastor, spending time with Jesus, in his word, is how you grow spiritually. So why don't we don't we make it a priority?

You will never grow if your Bible is closed.

As I talk with students who are struggling to have a consistent quiet time with God, what I notice is not a lack of desire that keeps them out of God's word. The fact of the matter is, most students just don't know how to have a quiet time.

I think it should be simple. So I want to share how I spend time with Jesus each morning:

Before You Start:

Here are some things you should do before you start having your quiet time with God.

  1. Journal - I use a simple black moleskin notebook. You can pick one up at Target. 
  2. Bible - I love my journaling Bible, but a paper Bible or a digital Bible is great too.
  3. Pen and Highlighter - To make notes, and highlight what God is teaching you.
  4. Coffee - Lots of coffee.

Once you have these things, you are ready to begin consistently spending time with Jesus.

Step 1 - Confess Sin

I start every morning confessing my sin to God. Confessing sin helps me remember how much I need Jesus. I think back on the day before; I look at my life, my relationships, my thoughts, and confess anything that was sinful. I pray this prayer to God every morning:

“Lord, I want to hear from you today. I want to be the man you have called me to be today. Lord, I know I will not hear from you if I am living in sin, so God here is where I have sinned against you..."

It is at this point I open my journal, write the header “Things To Confess,” and I write out the areas of my life that have sin in them. At the end of my time of confessing, I pray a prayer of thankfulness:

“Thank you, Jesus, that you have already forgiven me for my sin through dying on the cross. Help me hear from you through your word.”

Step 2 - Read Your Bible

If you are looking for a great place to start, try reading the "Book of John," or “James.” I would also suggest downloading the He Reads Truth App for guys, and the She Reads Truth App for girls. No matter where you start, it is important you are reading your Bible because you will never grow if your Bible is closed. And it through God's word that God speaks to us.

I usually don’t read a long passage, I typically read from header to header. Meaning, I read about a paragraph. While I am reading the passage, I highlight the statements that are impactful to me and make notes in margins of the things God is speaking to me. Then as I am reading this passage I ask myself these question:

- What does this passage mean? (i.e.,. what is the author trying to say to the people he writing it to)
- How can I apply this to my life today? (I think through very practical ways to put it into action)

Step 3 - Pray

If you spend time with Jesus consistently, you will grow. I guarantee it.

At this point, I open my journal back up and write the header “Things To Pray For” Underneath his header, I write down a prayer asking God to give me the strength to apply the passage of scripture to my life. I pray for people in my life. I pray for guidance for certain things. Honestly, I pray about anything I need to talk to God about.

My quiet time is not complicated; it is simple. I think that is the way it should be, a simple conversation with Jesus. If you spend time with Jesus consistently, you will grow. I guarantee it.


How do you spend time with Jesus?